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Learn how a busy teacher streamlines her quarterly feedback and grading process to save time and deliver results.

Report cards, parent conferences, professional development, progress reports, even making time after school to help students - lately, it seems there are more and more demands placed on professional education staff. The increased work load and pressure to perform is not unique and is a problem faced by many educators. Stacey is one example of someone who found her time being pinched by all of these administrative requirements of the modern classroom, leaving her with less time to focus on her true passion: teaching.

Stacy has a passion for teaching and loves to make a difference in the lives of each of her students. She is so devoted that she grades tests during her prep periods and homework during lunch so that she can work with struggling students after school. When mid quarter progress reports or quarterly report cards are due, this just adds to the workload and there is simply not enough time in the day to work on everything. Stacy found herself working on weekends to provide comments for progress reports and final grades on report cards. "It was really a struggle at times. I wanted to continue to help my students after school, especially the ones who needed it most near the end of the marking period to try and get their scores up before grades were due in. I found writing a personalized comment about each student to be the most time consuming part of the whole process."

"It was an amazing feeling."

With Report Card Comment Generator Stacey was able to reduce her time spent writing comments to a fraction of what it once was. Comments are generated for each student and personalized with their name and as many unique strengths and weaknesses that need to be addressed. "I went from spending what felt like a whole day to just and hour to do my entire class. It was an amazing feeling." Stacy was able to generate beautiful, clear, and meaningful comments like these:

  • It has been a pleasure having Chad in the class this marking period. Math has been one of his best subjects to date. Talking during class sometimes seems to be a problem for Chad. He is progressing very well in Science class. He consistently participates and is motivated to do well. It has been a pleasure working with Chad this period.
  • It was a pleasure to have Nicole in class this quarter. She continued to perform very well in all of her academic areas this marking period. She is very kind and helpful towards other students. Nicole showed improvement in homework completion this marking period which was great to see! It has been a pleasure working with Nicole this semester.
  • It was a pleasure to have Matthew in class this year. He is progressing very well in Science class. He needs to continue to work on Math homework to improve in this area. Social studies has been an area of great academic improvement for Matthew. He grasps new concepts quickly. It has been a pleasure working with Matthew in class.

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